Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Kickball

Players: 7+
Time: 30-60 minutes.
Equipment: 4 bases, a kickball, and room to play
Goal: Played like normal kickball - with a few exceptions...

  • So its basically like normal baseball, except you kick the ball, usually a big big ball you get at the supermarket. Normal baseball rules apply with a few exceptions.
  • You can throw/kick the ball at runners to get them out.
  • Runners can run/steal bases at any time.
  • Anytime a fly ball is caught, the running-direction of the bases switches. So normally you would run to first, second, third, and then home. But if someone catches a fly ball, it switches directions, and play now goes to third, second, first, then home. So the next batter would kick the ball, the head towards third. Yes, its very confusing, and very fun.
  • Lets say you are on third ready to go home. The next kick is a fly ball that is caught. You now must run the other way (so its as if you were on first now).
  • We also generally play workup. Meaning we have 3 batters, a pitcher, and 2 outfielders. (the bigger the ball, the shorter the playing field will be) You stay up to bat as long as you dont get out. Once you get out, you go out into the outfield and everyone in the field rotates. The pitcher goes up to bat.
  • If you rotate in, you are next to bat. This gives the batters a little time to breathe as the game tends to move pretty fast.
  • If there are 2 batters on base, this would mean that unless someone runs in, there will be no batters after the next kick (since there are only 3 batters). What this does is cause a force out at home. Meaning that once the batter kicks the ball, the next up MUST make it home or he is out. It is treated like a normal force out, someone can simply touch home plate to get them out. This will cause alot of base-stealing to happen, which keeps things exciting.
  • There are no bachs for the pitcher. The pitcher can pretend to roll the ball, causing the base runners to run, and then the pitcher can throw them out by hitting them with the ball.

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