Monday, April 28, 2008


Players: 8+
Time: 30-60 minutes.
Equipment: A large backyard or field or gymnasium.
Goal: Capture all but 1 of the other team.

  • Once this game gets moving, it gets very exciting and very tiring. You will most likely run out of breath many times, but you wont be able to stop.
  • So 2 teams are on opposite sides of the field with an obvious line at each end showing where the homebase is of each team.
  • The idea is that the fresher person is the one who stepped out of their homebase last. The fresher person can always catch those who are less fresher than him.
  • Lets say there is a blue team and a red team. If Red Player 1 steps out of his homebase, then Blue Player 1 steps out, Blue Player 1 is now fresher than Red Player 1, and if Blue Player 1 touches Red Player 1, then Red Player 1 is put behind the Blue Player Base as a prisoner. Also note that Blue Player 1 gets a free way back to his base.
  • If at any time a player crosses the opponents baseline, they are allowed to free the oldest prisoner on that side and both get a free way back to their base.
  • Another example to help you understand how this all works. Lets say Red Player 1 steps out of his base. This causes Blue Player 1 to step out to go catch him. THEN Red Player 2 steps out, which means that although Blue Player 1 can catch Red Player 1, Red Player 2 can catch Blue Player 1. You can use this tactic to draw players from the opposing base. If Blue Player 2 were to now step out, he would be the freshest of them all. You can see how it can get complicated trying to keep track of who's fresher than who etc. But it makes for a really fun game.
  • You can run back to your base at any time and then come back out to renew your "freshness" on the field.
  • Once all but 1 player of the opposing team are in prison, the game ends with that opponent losing.

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