Monday, April 28, 2008


Players: 4+
Time: 15-30 minutes.Equipment:
Equipment: A deck of cards with 4 suits or colors.
Goal: Get rid of all your cards.

  • We usually use Rook cards cause they are colored cards. But you could just as easily use playing cards and go by suit instead of color.
  • The group must decide on a different sign for each of the 4 colors of cards. For example, the Yellow sign could be your right hand on top of your head. The Black sign could be folding your arms. The Red sign could be putting your hands on your shoulders, etc.
  • Everyone should have an equal number of cards.
  • Place your cards face down in front of you. Each player takes turns turning their top card over and placing it in the middle. This part should move pretty fast.
  • If ever 2 of the same color (or suit) show up in a row, everyone in the group must make the sign for that color. (at this point arms and legs go flying all over the place as players are trying to remember what sign goes with which color).
  • The last person to make the correct sign gets all the cards in the middle.

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