Monday, April 28, 2008

Speed Dice Reverse

Players: 2+
Time: 5-15 minutes depending on number of players.
Equipment: 10 dice for each player and 1 extra die.
Goal: Be the last player left with dice.

  • Everyone starts with 10 dice.
  • Someone rolls a die that belongs to no one known as the game-die. Whatever digit that die displays, everyone must roll their dice as fast as they can until all their dice display the same digit as the game-die.
  • Soon as someone accomplishes this, they yell "GOT IT!" and the entire game stops.
  • Everyone except the winner all lose a die. This continues till only 1 person has dice, and he is the winner.
  • Anytime any of your dice show the same digit as the game-die, leave those dice down and pick up the remaining dice and continue rolling.

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